This site is still under heavy development!


The site is undergoing major UI changes. Many functions, including user registration, may be disabled during the transition.


myUserJS.org aims to pick up where userscripts.org left off and give script authors more power than ever before! With more useful features than any other script hosting site, there is no limit to what you can do.

Monitor Updates and Downloads

A feature that was being developed by userscripts.org, but never released, was the collection of script statistics. Track your script's download and update check stats over time.

Take a look at our two example scripts: example 1 example 2

Collect Advanced Statistics

myUserJS has taken script statistics to a whole new level and allows scripts to report user behavior, errors, and performance data back to be visualized in real-time. Anything from Page Load Time to Script Execution Time can be reported: Learn More.

View reports against time to see how your updates have affected script performance and log progress. You can even report errors to get helpful feedback from your users. With our powerful API you can implement these features in minutes.

Analyze Script Behavior

Create a custom graph to visualize how your script is performing. Using conditional expressions, you can see what happens under certain circumstances. For example, using the condition pageLoadTime>2500 while viewing the metric scriptError=1 will show you how long page loads affect fatal script errors.

Map Statistics

You can view your script statistics on a world map to better understand your user base. The engine generates a map based on the metrics and conditions specified. The map displays, by country, the number of unique users and occurrences of the specified metrics. Additionally, the engine plots the top 50 cities fitting the metric criteria.

Host Script Resources

Host all your script's necessary files in one convenient place. You can upload Images, Scripts, CSS and Text files as resources for your project.

You have 20 MB to do whatever you want!

Sync With A Remote Host

Tired updating all your script hosting sites every time you have a minor bug fix? Here, you can set your script source and description to sync with a remote host every night at midnight. This makes it easy to host an open source project on GitHub without having to manually copy and paste your code with every little update.

Help Support myUserJS

In order to provide fast and reliable hosting, the site now utilizes a multi-core private server. Help support the site by making a donation! Anything will help.

I still need help paying for the following:

  • Monthly server costs (about $30 - $40 per month). As site popularity increases, the cost will only go up.
  • SSL certificate costs ($70 per year)
  • Eventually I want to move the SQL Database to a separate server and reduce the load on the primary machine.

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