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This script is out of date. This page is only here to test out the core functionality of myUserJS.org

This script makes the viewing experience of Cracked.com far more pleasant (or that is the intention at the very least).
This project was inspired by Youtube Enhancer.

Major Update June 18, 2014

I finally got a chance to rewrite the program to handle Cracked.com's updates. If you continue to have issues, please send me a message.

Current Features: (June 18, 2014)

  • Videos

    • Media Resizer - 4 Different Sizes
    • Download FLVs
    • Enable/Disable Auto Play
    • Enable/Disable Continuous Play
    • Change the Timeout Length for Continuous Play
  • Articles

    • Load all pages of an article/blog onto a single page
    • Resize Article Captions
    • Enlarge Article Images
    • Remove The Share Box That Floats To The Left of Articles
  • Other

    • Remove or Highlight Comments Voted Down By Other Users
    • Show Profane Comments By Default
    • Arrange comments by votes by default


2014-18-6 (v 0.3.0) foobar
  • Complete Rerelease (Update To Fix Issues From Cracked.com Updates Since 2012)

2012-19-5 (v 0.2.6)
  • Faster and takes up less memory
  • Settings UI improvements
  • Fixed issue with video covering up the navigation popups
  • Log improvements
  • Added update notification system
  • Minor bug fixes

2012-09-5 (v 0.2.5)
  • Updated logging system to use Firebug and Console2 features

2012-09-5 (v 0.2.4)
  • Added a GM menu command
  • Fixed the media resizer's margins to scroll more accurately to the user defined prefs for "Best"
  • Speed improvements
  • First run module initialization improvements

2012-07-5 (v 0.2.3)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Compressed Via Google's Closure Compiler

2012-06-5 (v 0.2.2)
  • Added feature that loads all the pages of an articles or blog onto a single page

2012-05-5 (v 0.2.1)
  • Added a lot of error catching
  • More first run module initialization fixes
  • Moved CCE_Core's module timestamp save to the end of "StoreModuleData" to ensure data is stored

2012-05-5 (v 0.2.0)
  • Updated UI to break config elements into sections
  • Parsing meta data is much faster
  • Added more tab colors
  • Updated language string retrieval to be faster/easier

2012-05-4 (v 0.1.9)
  • Fixed some weird errors that broke the hell out of the script for no real reason...it's possible there were some browser security updates that conflicted with this script. If you are still having any trouble, let me know!

2012-05-4 (v 0.1.8)
  • Page regex updates
  • Added tooltips to the config module (not fully implemented in all modules yet)
  • Video player now cancels the countdown instead of just disabling it when continuous play is disabled
  • Added features to the comment module
  • Bug fixes

2012-05-1 (v 0.1.7)
  • Fixed issues with script not initializing modules on the script's first run

2012-05-1 (v 0.1.6)
  • Moved constant module data to the meta
  • Updated module hooks
  • Made my own JSON parsing algorithm
  • Speed improvements

2012-04-30 (v 0.1.5)
  • Updated UI
  • Added photoplasty module

  • Rewrote most of the script to be completely modular.

  • Script now loads at document-start and uses HTML5 to store user prefs
  • HUGE speed improvements
  • Fixed comment removal/highlighting
  • Added download link below video
  • Added "Reload Player" button
  • Fixed problem that caused the script to not execute when cracked.com's scripts timeout
  • Fixed background for video wrapper to match original cracked.com bg
  • Fixed settings size bug
  • Fixed problem with window scrolling at the beginning of a video

  • Elements below videos now move when resized
  • Article images now zoom when you hover your mouse over them
  • Option to remove the "Persistent Share Box" that hovers to the left of articles
  • Added the option to show profane comments by default
  • Added the option to remove or highlight comments voted down
  • Setting tweaks
  • More code reorganization and bug fixes

2012-04-15 foobar
  • Reorganized code to be more modular
  • Added video download link
  • Now works with articles

  • FlashVar cleaning is much faster
  • Program is now fully capable of being used in any language (if anyone can help translate the language strings that would be awesome)

  • Enable/Disable Autoplay now working
  • Enable/Disable Continuous Play now working
  • Added "Max Height" and "Max Width" sizes for Media Resizer
  • Added multilingual features (still testing)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Loads Faster
2012-04-13 foobar
  • Initial Release



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